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If you know of any members that may be ill or having other difficulties, please notify the Executive Committee at dunworkin1934@gmail.com.

In the interest of keeping our members and community as safe as possible, we have updated the Dunworkin Meeting Schedule and introduced video conferencing until further notice.

Updated 06/13/2021

Charles Bagli, has covered the intersection of politics and real estate in the NY metro area for 35 years, first at the New York Observer and then for 22 years at The New York Times.  He has written about the power of the NYC real estate industry on state and local government, Donald J. Trump, the Kushners, corruption in the construction industry, public investment in sports stadiums and arenas, the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, gambling and the debt-fueled real estate boom of the 2000s. Prior to becoming a journalist, he worked as an industrial roofer, a transit bus driver and a furnace tender in a tool plant. He has lived in Montclair with his wife Ellie Gitelman Bagli since 1986. June 25, 2021

He will put all of this background to work in reviewing the impact of the pandemic on real estate in the NY Metro area—office towers, retail/malls, and housing, and discuss where it was, and where it’s heading.

Summer Lunch at the Montclair Golf Club. July 16, 2021

The Dunworkin Club was founded in 1934 to foster good fellowship and communication among retired and semiretired residents of Montclair and nearby communities.

The club meets on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at the Upper Montclair Presbyterian Church located at 53 Norwood Avenue, Upper Montclair. There is informal Socializing beginning at 10:30 followed by a presentation from an invited speaker at 11:00. The topics vary from meeting to meeting. Attendees pay for lunch prior to the presentation. Lunch and additional informal socializing begin at noon.

2021 Schedule

1/8/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Prof. James Smethurst will be the speaker for our first video conference of the year is Prof. James Smethurst.  He had been commissioned by Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., of Harvard, to present a series of lectures for Spring, 2020, which were suspended because of the virus.  Prof. Gates suggested he condense the series to a single lecture, which Prof. Smethurst has done, and agreed to also present that lecture to the Dunworkin Club.

A proud Montclair New Jersey native, James Smethurst is Interim Chair of Afro-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is the author of The New Red Negro: The Literary Left and African American Poetry, 1930-1946The Black Arts Movement, The African American Roots of Modernism, and Brick City Vanguard: Amiri Baraka, Black Music, Black Modernity. His book Becoming Black, Becoming Southern: A History of the Black Arts Movement in the South will appear in the spring of 2021.

His topic is Afrofuturism, which describes how Black writers and artists have thought about past, present and the future within the context of current trends and the BLM movement.  He will especially focus on the arc of time from Newark and Detroit, in 1967, to Minneapolis, Louisville, and Philadelphia in 2020.

1/22/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE John Wefing, will discuss people he has met during his Seton Law School career, which includes Supreme Court Justices and Governors.

2/12/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Bob Weisbuch, formerly the director of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Program in Princeton and more recently the President of Drew University, will speak on “Liberty and Learning: Higher Ed’s Higher Purpose.”

2/26/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Annik LaFarge, historian, author, and photographer, her topic is: “Chopin on the High Line.” She is the author of Chasing Chopin: A Musical Journey Across Three Centuries, Four Countries, and a Half-Dozen Revolutions, favorably reviewed in the NY Times Book Review, and the 2012 book On the High Line: Exploring America’s Most Original Park.  She will give an illustrated talk with music clips and photographs. Her presentation answers the question she’s been getting over the past six months, since her new book was published:  How do you go from a 21st century public park built on an old elevated railroad in New York City to a 19th century sonata composed in Europe by Frédéric Chopin? The talk is in part about Chopin and his op. 35 sonata (the one with the famous funeral march) and also an argument for why the High Line is an essentially romantic place, and the artistic spirit that connects them. For a little more information, follow the link: About Chasing Chopin

3/12/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Rev. Frederick A. Davie, Exec. VP,  of Union Theological Seminary, will present to us on some portion of his career which spans the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, the White House Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Public/Private Ventures with the Ford Foundation, programs for the re-entry of formerly incarcerated persons, other social and economic justice organizations. He is a recipient of  Yale Divinity School’s Distinguished Alumnus Award for Community Service. Since 2017, he has served as Chair of the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board, which is the nation’s largest oversight agency of a police department, and his topic is  “Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement,” which is a topic of national interest.

3/26/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Candy Cooper, Pulitzer Prize finalist investigative reporter for the Detroit Free Press and the San Francisco Examiner, will speak about her recent book Poisoned Water, the Flint Water crisis and its implications for cities across the US.

4/9/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Karen Pennington is a national leader in the field of Student Development. Recently retired from the position of Vice President at Montclair State, she has served as chair of the National Association of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education and is an expert on student affairs law and policy.

A graduate of the University of Scranton with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history,  she  later returned to Scranton as a member of their Board of Trustees. She earned a Master’s in Educational Counseling at Gannon and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration at SUNY Albany.  Having served on six campuses in positions such as dean of students, residence life director and director of college activities, you might say she has seen it all.

As a Fulbright Visiting Scholar Dr. Pennington has helped colleges around the world develop policies and good practices in the area of student affairs. The title of her talk is “College Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, and yesterday was 2019.”

4/23/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Dr. Cecilia A. Conrad, Ph.D, CEO of Lever for Change and a Managing Director at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. She will talk to us about innovative approaches to philanthropy, including MacArthur’s Fellows program, its Lever for Change, and its new program on a Stronger Democracy. We have long heard of the MacArthur Grants awarded to exceptionally talented individuals. The 100&Change activity awards a $100 million grant for a proposal promising real measurable progress in solving a critical problem, and the Lever for Change unlocks philanthropical capital to accelerate global social change.

She is emerita professor of economics at Pomona College where she held positions as the Stedman Sumner Chair in Economics and as VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College. She received the National Urban League’s Women of Power Award in 2008 and the National Economic Association’s Samuel Z. Westerfield award in 2018. She received her BA degree from Wellesley College and her PhD in economics from Stanford University.

5/14/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Marc Favata, Montclair State University scientist on LIGO Gravitational Wave Detections and their significance. Scientists are still struggling to answer some fundamental questions about the universe.  Gravitational waves are useful in finding answers to some of these questions, and we are fortunate to have access to Marc Favata, an astrophysicist from Montclair State for his first hand explanations.  He is part of an international collaboration studying gravitational waves and how they allow us to observe the universe in a new way. A few years ago he provided an overview of the LIGO gravitational-wave detector, shortly after it had discovered the first handful of gravitational-wave signals from colliding black holes or neutron stars. Since that time, LIGO has reported 50 detections in total. Marc will present a summary of what we have learned from these newest discoveries.

5/28/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Professor Jessica Henry, an author, legal commentator, blogger and social justice advocate. After obtaining her J.D. from N.Y.U. School of Law, Henry served as a public defender in New York City for nearly a decade. Professor Henry is the author of the book, “Smoke But No Fire: Convicting the Innocent of Crimes that Never Happened” (U.C. Press 2020). She has written numerous articles for both academic and mainstream publications. Her research interests include wrongful convictions, severe sentences (including the death penalty and life without parole), and hate crimes. She frequently appears as a commentator on national and local television and radio, and has been widely cited in the mainstream media. In 2015, Henry received the Montclair State University Distinguished Teacher Award for her excellence in teaching. Henry teaches a wide range of classes including Wrongful Convictions, Criminal Law and Procedure, Death Penalty Perspectives, and Hate Crimes.

6/11/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Louis Hochman, Editor in Chief, Montclair Local, will share his experiences in news media and the role they should continue to play. He will address “What it Means to be the Community’s Newsroom.“ He believes community news organizations best serve audiences by embracing values of inclusion, equity, and solutions-focused journalism.

His extensive background includes serving as deputy news editor, and digital editor for the Daily Record, in Morris County, regional editor for Patch.com, supervising reporter at NJ.com, and most recently the deputy digital editor of New Jersey 101.5.  He has overseen a transition from print to digital with a newspaper in Rhode Island and overseen the work that quintupled the digital audience for New Jersey 101.5. He also co-created, filmed and produced an award-winning video and podcast on the subject of heroin that won a “Truth in Media” award from the NJ Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies.

Lou has lectured at area colleges and universities on journalistic ethics, the evolution of digital journalism, and the work required to earn trust in a 24-7 media world.  He has won awards for a wide range of contributions from press associations in New Jersey and nationally, has also developed considerable skill as a photographer, and displays his work at LCHPhoto.com.  When not focused on newsworthy events and photography, he admits to a pre-occupation with the three cats who occupy some of his household.

6/25/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Charles Bagli, has covered the intersection of politics and real estate in the NY metro area for 35 years, first at the New York Observer and then for 22 years at The New York Times.  He has written about the power of the NYC real estate industry on state and local government, Donald J. Trump, the Kushners, corruption in the construction industry, public investment in sports stadiums and arenas, the rebuilding of the World Trade Center, gambling and the debt-fueled real estate boom of the 2000s. Prior to becoming a journalist, he worked as an industrial roofer, a transit bus driver and a furnace tender in a tool plant. He has lived in Montclair with his wife Ellie Gitelman Bagli since 1986

He will put all of this background to work in reviewing the impact of the pandemic on real estate in the NY Metro area—office towers, retail/malls, and housing, and discuss where it was, and where it’s heading.

7/16/21 Summer Lunch at Montclair Golf Club

7/23/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Prof. Emerita Lillie Edwards, Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement.


9/10/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Professor Tom Bryant, from the School of Graduate Studies at Rutgers, and other institutions.  From 1998 to 2003, he was Chairman of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Program in the business school.  He leads the Capstone Project, which oversees entrepreneurial projects for students who are candidates for an MBS degree, for which the letter S, for Science, replaces the A.  His affinity for Science was shaped by his studies at MIT.  His experiences with Capstone put him at the center of new business development, where science, production, marketing, and finance all combine to respond to major economic changes, or develop new products.  These are crucial to economic growth and innovation, and the need for these changes has been accelerated in the wake of the pandemic.

9/24/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Andre’ Weker, Montclair Orchestra.


10/22/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Steve Engelberg, editor in chief of ProPublica, former reporter and editor at the NYT, will review the state of journalism.


11/19/21 VIDEO CONFERENCE Alan Steinberg will speak about government policies, drawing from a vast array of experiences.  He started with a BA in Political Science at Northwestern, a JD from Wisconsin, and a Master of Law and Taxation from Temple. He credits two leading scholars for his background in foreign policy, and on both sides of the Palestinian/Israeli situation. He began his legal career in the US Navy, as a lieutenant in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and has practiced law privately and as in-house legal counsel.

He had been Senior Policy Advisor in the NJ Assembly Republican Office, and then served under Gov. Christie Whitman in a variety of capacities, including the Meadowlands Commission, Ethical Studies, and Commerce and Economic Development. From 2005-2010 he served as Regional Administrator for the EPA, in the George W. Bush Administration, overseeing all aspects of the environment at the State and Local levels and as a Consultant with Israel for discussion of their needs.

From 2010-2015 he had acted as a Scholar in Residence at Monmouth University, and is a frequent commentator on NY Channel 9, NJ News 12, and on PolitickerNJ.com.

12/3/21 Holiday Lunch 

2020 Schedule

1/10/20  Seton Hall Professor David Opderbeck will speak about the legal issues of Artificial Intelligence.

1/24/20  Dr. Peter Kingstone, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State, just arrived from King’s College, London, will speak about Brexit and the English elections.

2/14/20 Speaker for the Feb. 14 meeting is Prof. Alison Beringer, Associate Professor of Classics and General Humanities at Montclair State. She prepared for her career with an MA in Classics from the University of Victoria, and a PhD in German Studies from Princeton. She will draw upon her background in texts and manuscripts and their transmissions from Latin through the Middle ages and Early Modern in the mid-17th Century. She has taught European literature and culture and the translations at Emory, Colgate, and British Columbia Universities and also held an appointment as Reader at Princeton University’s Index of Christian Art.

2/28/20  Speaker at the Feb. 28 meeting is Montclair resident and attorney George Kendall. He earned a BA degree in Philosophy and Government from the Univ. of Richmond, and a Bachelor of Law degree from Antioch School of Law in DC. He is currently Director of the Public Service Initiative at Patton Squire Boggs., headquartered in NYC, with 44 offices globally.
He was attracted to the field of criminal justice, and has spent time with organizations such as the ACLU, the NAACP, and argued cases before the Supreme Court. Cases too numerous to mention have often led to reversal of conviction. He has taught at law schools such as Yale, Fla. State, St John’s, Brooklyn, and Columbia. He has received awards from criminal justice institutions, and is currently on the board of the Equal Justice Initiative, whose Exec.Director presented to us 3 years ago, and whose founder, Bryan Stevenson, is featured in the current film “Just Mercy”.

His clients have often gone on to write books about their prison experiences, and one of the most recent, Mr. Albert Woodfox, wrote a book entitled “Solitary” about his 41 years in solitary confinement, and was picked by a NY Times reviewer as one of the 10 best in 2019. That experience inspired Mr. Kendall’s topic: ”The Power of Hope and Opportunity for Those Incarcerated, and Preparing Them for Re-entry”.




4/24/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Sandy Sorkin will teleconference with the club. His presentation will take a look at sites in and around London for sight seeing and some bird watching. There will even be a short trip through Harrod’s. This is a PowerPoint presentation and lots of pictures and a bit of narration.

5/8/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Nolan Asch will be our on-line speaker on May 8th. He is a well-known historian, and a  1971 graduate of Columbia University with a minor in History.  He is an active member of the NJ Civil War Round Table and is one of the historians consulted by Lin-Manuel Miranda as he prepared the text for the musical Hamilton.  He presented to us on Hamilton at Dunworkin a year ago, and is capable of any number of major subjects, and will present to us this time on Abe Lincoln, about whom we can never know too much.


5/29/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Rev. Greg Horn, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair will be the speaker and will present to us on the changes in ministry during a time of a major pandemic.

6/12/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE The speaker for the June 12 video conference is Deirdre Waters, daughter of our colleague Greg and his wife Terry.  She is a licensed psychologist who has worked in the mental health field for 20 years, treating a wide variety of issues.  She has both a private practice, as well as volunteering to provide therapeutic care to Bayshore area residents. She also has consulting privileges at two medical centers, teaches at Rutgers, and serves on the board of two NJ Psychological Associations.  Her training included a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State, and a doctorate from the University of Denver.  Her topic is particularly timely, as she will advise on how to maintain good mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

6/26/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Returning after multiple presentations to Dunworkin is John Zinn, Chairman of the NJ Historical Society.  Earlier this year, he was honored with the SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) Russell Gabay Award.  Twice before, John was honored with the Ron Gabriel Award, also by SABR, for his work on Charles Ebbets and the baseball field which carried his name.  At a time when many of our members are sorely missing the diversion which the sport creates, John will share with us some new archived material commissioned by the Historical Society of Princeton. It covers the period from 1860-1880, and describes, inter alia, the introduction of the curve ball.

7/10/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Rich Rockwell, a historian located in Bloomfield, will present on the history of the Morris Canal , a waterway designed to connect the Delaware River with the Hudson River, and cutting through the northern part of the state.

7/24/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Jeh Johnson, former United States Secretary of Homeland Security and a Montclair resident is a partner in the law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, and Garrison, and a member of the Management and Partnership Committee.  His early experience as a trial lawyer led to his election as a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers, and he currently advises corporate clients on national security, cybersecurity, data privacy, and government relations.

A graduate of Morehouse College, and Columbia Law School, his career has spanned both the public and private sectors, including posts in the Clinton and Obama Administrations, and as Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of NY.  His most visible post was serving as the Secretary of Homeland Security from 2013 to 2017 under President Obama.

Recognition of his contributions includes the Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Award, ten honorary degrees, lecturer at Westminster College, Harvard and Yale Law Schools, the National War College, and all 4 US Military Academies.  He authors Op-Eds for the Washington Post, and The Hill, and is a commentator on every major news network and cable channel, to which he can now add the Dunworkin Club of Montclair.

Mr. Johnson will draw upon his extraordinarily broad base of activities, to share his experiences and observations with us.

8/14/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Rick Wright, a widely published author and birder, will present Birds and Witches in Bloomfield: The Father of Ornithology in New Jersey.

A native of southeast Nebraska, Rick Wright studied French, German, Philosophy, and Life Sciences at the University of Nebraska before making a detour to Harvard Law School. He took the Ph.D. in German Languages and Literatures at Princeton University in 1990, then spent a dozen years as an academic, holding successive appointments as Assistant Professor of German at the University of Illinois, Reader in Art and Archaeology at Princeton University, and Associate Professor of Medieval Studies at Fordham University. Rick’s numerous scholarly essays, articles, and reviews were published in academic journals in the US and Europe. His first book, the critical edition of a twelfth-century Latin animal allegory, appeared in 1997, and was followed in 2001 by a second, a study of the Latin and vernacular Aesopic tradition between 1350 and 1550.

In 2004, Rick and his wife, Alison Beringer, moved to southeast Arizona, where he founded a birding tour service in Tucson. In 2008, he joined an international ornithotourism company as managing director, a position he relinquished when Alison accepted a faculty position at Montclair State University. Since their return to New Jersey, Rick has written and lectured widely on birds, birding, and birders—though not invariably in that order. A senior leader at Victor Emanuel Nature Tours, he conducts a full program of Birds and Art tours in North and Central American and across Europe.

Among his recent books are the ABA Field Guide to Birds of New Jersey and the ABA Field Guide to Birds of Arizona. His Peterson Reference Guide to American Sparrows, a natural and cultural history of an often overlooked family of birds, was published by Houghton Mifflin in 2019. His current writing and research projects include a study of hummingbird collecting in early modern France. Like Alexander Wilson, the Father of American Ornithology, Rick lives in Bloomfield; unlike Wilson, he lives with his family: Alison, Avril, and their chocolate lab, Gellert.

8/28/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Mike Farrelly, the Montclair Town Historian, will present on Montclair Takes to the Skies, describing the town’s involvement from the early days of ballooning, to astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

9/11/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Our presenter on Sept. 11 will be Kiran Gaudioso, recently appointed CEO of United Way of Northern NJ.  She will speak on a demographic called ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed).  ALICE represents a growing number of families who are unable to afford the basic necessities of life.  In addition, COVID-19 has exacerbated ALICE’s plight and her ability to survive in NJ.  Kiran will share how United Way supports ALICE and its response during the pandemic to provide additional assistance for ALICE. The ALICE web site is: https://www.unitedforalice.org/ 

9/25/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Deborah Kasindorf is responsible for the management of the museum’s fund raising and marketing departments, which include Development, Membership, Public Relations, Special Events, Public Programs, Publications and Museum Shop. Ms. Kasindorf works very closely with Ms. Harrison and is well versed in all aspects of the Newark Museum of Art.  Prior to Ms. Harrison’s being hired to head the Museum, Ms. Kasindorf served as the interim director for over one year.

Prior to joining The Newark Museum of Art, she was the Director of External Relations at the Seattle Children’s Theatre. In this capacity, she was responsible for the generation of all ticket revenues, contributed income and marketing programs for the Theatre, which is one of the most prominent venues for young audiences in the country. Previously, she served as a trustee on the theatre’s board before joining the staff.

The Annual Fall Luncheon is on Tuesday, October 27, at noon. Details are at the following link: https://www.newarkmuseumart.org/the-disruptive-museum-2020

10/9/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Montclair resident Anthony De Palmaspent 22 years as a reporter and foreign correspondent for The New York Times, serving as Bureau Chief in Mexico and Canada. He has focused his journalism on Latin America, especially Mexico and Cuba, but he has also traveled widely and reported from places as diverse as Albania, Montenegro, Guyana and Suriname.

His interest in Cuba is both professional and personal. He is married to Miriam Rodriguez, who was born in Cuba and came to the United States after the 1959 Revolution. He first visited Cuba in 1979 during the brief thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations during the administration of Jimmy Carter, and has been back many times since then to report and to visit family.

His second book, published in 2006, was “The Man Who Invented Fidel,” about the rise of Fidel Castro and the impact that Castro, and journalism, have had on U.S. and Cuba relations. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, he wrote nearly 100 of the “Portraits of Grief” that won a Pulitzer for The Times in 2001.

He left The Times in 2008 to become writer-in- residence at Seton Hall University.

Mr. DePalma’s latest book, The Cubans, Ordinary Lives in Extraordinary Times, was very favorably reviewed in the May 26, 2020 edition of the New York Times.

DePalma also is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

He continues to write and lecture about Latin America and the environment, while also reporting on many other subjects.

10/23/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE The newspaper industry is coping with major economic challenges, and we are fortunate to have two highly informed Montclair residents  share their thoughts with us. David Jones, who served as the National Editor of the Times for 15 years, before retiring as Assistant Managing Editor, will have a conversation with Matt Purdy, a current Deputy Managing Editor of the NY Times for investigations and Special Projects.  David is also an important factor in the Montclair Library series: Open Book/Open Mind. 

11/6/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE Attorney Glenn A. Garber, the founder of Glenn A. Garber, P.C. has been practicing law since 1989. He is an accomplished trial and appellate lawyer and primarily handles cases in federal courts and New York and New Jersey state courts. His areas of practice include criminal defense and civil rights.

Glenn A. Garber received a bachelor of science from Syracuse University in 1986.  In 1989, he obtained his law degree from Cardozo School of Law in Manhattan.  After graduating from law school, Glenn A. Garber worked for three years as a staff attorney for the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society in Manhattan.

Glenn A. Garber entered private practice in 1991 and was a partner at Garber & Rodi, P.C. where he specialized in criminal defense.  In 1997 he created Glenn A. Garber, P.C.

Glenn A. Garber is an adjunct professor of law at Brooklyn Law School where he teaches a seminar on wrongful convictions and runs a clinical program.  He is also the founder and director of the Exoneration Initiative a not-for profit, non-DNA innocence organization that represents indigent, wrongfully convicted New York State prisoners.

12/4/20 VIDEO CONFERENCE  Jeanne Pinder, founder and CEO of ClearHealthCosts, which attempts to monitor and bring transparency to health costs. Ms. Pinder grew up in a journalistic household, beginning as a Cub Reporter at the age of 13, graduated from Grinnell College with a degree in Russian, and graduate studies ending in St. Petersburg, Russia, a country she found as opaque as our own healthcare system. She was an editor, reporter, and human resources executive at the NY Times for 23 years, before leaving to start the company.  Intrigued by the lack of transparency and inconsistency for procedures and drug costs, she felt it was necessary to cast some light on an activity which comprises 18% of our GDP. She has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, NPR, JAMA Internal Medicine, The Los Angeles Times and done a TedTalk. She has spoken at Politico, the HHS Datapalooza, the Integrated Healthcare Assn., and elsewhere.

Photo credit: 85th Meeting, Robert A. Cumins

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